Debbie & Matt | Twin Lakes Engagement Photos | Greensburg, PA

Engagement Photos at Twin Lakes Park in Greensburg, PA

I think every time I met with Debbie & Matt before their wedding, it rained. Thankfully, rain seemed to bring them closer together!Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-01.jpgDebbie & Matt met during Trivia night at Leo’s in Mount Pleasant. As you can imagine, trivia is a great way to get to know someone! What they like, their interests, how smart they are… 😉
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-02.jpgWell Debbie and Matt must have wow’d each other with their responses! Their gaming friendship quickly grew into a relationship.
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-03.jpgAt our first meeting together, Debbie showed up first and we got to talking. When Matt walked in, her face lit up and so did his. He walked over and kissed her, asked what drink she wanted, and quickly went to get it for her! It turns out, Matt’s neice actually was working that day at our local starbucks!
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-04.jpgSince they had met at trivia, it only seemed fitting to Matt that he would also propose there. However, he wanted to wait for an opportunity when no one was around.
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-05.jpgLittle did he know, that opportunity wouldn’t come that night, as once all the tables were cleared, a waitress came out and began to wrap silverware just a few tables over.
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-06.jpgHe waited…and waited…and in her mind Debbie was saying “Why are we still here? Can we go home now?”
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-07.jpgEventually Matt realized that was still the best chance he was going to get.
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-08.jpgHe pulled out that little ring box and asked her to spend forever with him.
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-09.jpgShe said yes of course. 😉 How could she not?
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-10.jpgWe decided to take their engagement photos at Twin Lakes…rain or shine! Of course, the day came, and it was indeed raining.
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-11.jpgLittle did we know there was also a party going on in the community building they have there, and they had their caterer grilling under the pavilion outside and then bringing the food in.
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-12.jpgHe was just putting out the fire when we walked by, and suddenly my photographer eyes went WAIT! Can you keep it smoking like that for a minute?
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-13.jpgHe obliged, and I pulled out my off camera flash and set it up behind them. Needless to say, they were “smoking hot.”
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-15.jpgThe smoke lasted for quite a while, as did the smiles and giggles from these two.
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-16.jpgThe rain let up for a few seconds and we were able to go out into the forest of cat tails! Twin lakes is a HUGE park, but when it’s raining, staying close to the boat dock is ideal.
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-18.jpgAnd some more giggles. 🙂
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-19.jpgDebbie had mentioned to me that there was a chance on their wedding day that we might be able to go backstage and see the Clark’s perform at the Palace Theatre! 
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-20.jpgAnd well, you’ll just have to stay tuned for their wedding post to see if it actually happens!
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-21.jpgTheir October wedding at Rizzo’s Malabar Inn will be on the blog very soon!
Deb-Matt-twin-lakes-engagement-photos-23.jpgCongratulations Debbie & Matt! May your love last forever! <3




Ellen Jalosky


Irwin, PA