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I left social media!

And my life is infinitely better because of it!

In May of 2024, I officially hit the "goodbye forever" button on my facebook and instagram accounts. After spending 15 years of my life trying to keep up with the algorithm, and people in my life who I may or may not see, I decided it was time to be done. There are so many reasons that have led me to this decision.
- I've wasted so much time. Not just in general with the mindless scroll, but in fighting the algorithm to be seen!
- Social media just isn't a safe place. It never has been, but it's gotten intensely worse the last few years.
- I want to protect my kids & yours too! By leaving social media, your photos are no longer being seen by anyone and everyone who may find my account. If you choose to share on your own social media accounts, and that's totally fine, then at least it is your photos being shared with just your friends & family, and no longer the whole world!

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