Nina & Cody | First Presbyterian Church | Irwin, PA Wedding

In a few days, it’ll be 59 years since my grandparents, Frank & Janice Eichelberger, were married at the First Presbyterian Church of Irwin. It brings me such joy to be able to photograph weddings in that same church! I can picture my meme (as we call her) walking down the aisle; their big bridal party lined up on the stairs; my grandpa getting teary eyed as he sees her for the first time; and all the wonderful memories that followed.

In 59 years, they had two wonderful boys who grew up and married beautiful wives. 14 wonderful grand children and (soon to be) 4 great grand children brings the family total to 26 (almost 27 as my sister is engaged!)

Family is a wonderful legacy to have, and Nina and Cody are all about family. Cody asked Nina to marry him on his back porch, at the house they now live as a family with their son and daughter. Having been engaged for almost a year, they decided it was time and set the date for their wedding, which was in two weeks! They invited their families and a few close friends to witness as they vowed to take each other forever and always, for better or for worse. It was a beautiful ceremony and a perfectly sunny day in May. I was so happy to be a part of their wedding in Irwin, PA!

Here are the highlights from their wedding day!


Ellen Jalosky


White Oak, PA