Here in western PA, the amount of times that we get an actual glowing golden hour, are few. I wish it would happen more often and I will cherish the days that it actually occurs. Sierra and Will got so lucky with one of the most beautiful evenings of the year! We met at Cedar […]


Golden Hour Engagement Photos – Cedar Creek Gorge – Belle Vernon, PA

December 27, 2022

Golden Hour Engagement Photos

Laughter and smiles are contagious when you find the one. Karen and Rick are no exception! While their life stories led them into a lot of sadness, finding each other certainly brought their joy back. They met through online dating, but quickly realized that they had lived parallel lives just a few blocks apart from […]


August 18, 2022

Summer Evening Engagement Photos at Oak Hollow Park – North Huntingdon Photographer

Emily and Alan met online. (Do you see a trend here in the last couple engagement posts? Haha) If you’re looking to meet someone, that seems to be the way these days! They’ve been together over 7 years now – so it MUST work. One day last summer, in the middle of the pandemic, they […]


Emily & Alan – Spring Engagement Photos – Irwin, PA

May 21, 2021

While it is true that a large majority of my clients met online, this story is not the traditional story you might be thinking. Yes, Ryan and Alex met online and here is their story! One day, Ryan was scrolling through facebook when he noticed a beautiful girl pop up in the “people you […]


April 13, 2021

Alex & Ryan – Pittsburgh Engagement Photos – The Waterfront

At the beginning of the corona virus, while we were stuck at home, I had a wedding consultation on facetime. It was something totally new to me. I had only done a video call once before with a client, back when skype first came out! I was so nervous. I wasn’t sure how it would […]

Engagements, Portraits

Puppy Dog Engagement Photos – Oak Hollow Park – North Huntingdon Photographer

October 8, 2020

One cold night in January, Carina and Ryan went on a double date to the Melting Pot in downtown Pittsburgh, with her sister and brother in law, Bethany and Chad. They had been dating for a few years and were high school sweet hearts. They always took a photo together after each date night, and […]


July 14, 2020

Deep Creek Lake Engagement Sesion | Carina & Ryan

It was a gorgeous last day of September. The leaves weren’t beginning to change yet, but that has been normal in Pittsburgh the last couple of years. I had never been to Schenley Park before, but I had heard it is a beautiful place. I actually was able to see a lot of the park […]

Engagements, Families

Sarah & Mike | Schenley Park Engagement Photos | Pittsburgh Photographer

August 5, 2019

When we were kids, we had sleepovers where we would talk about the boys we liked, our dream weddings, and exactly what qualities we were looking for in a husband. That list looked something like, “Brown hair. Blue eyes. Really muscular. Loves Jesus.” Then we would write down all the names of the guys we […]


June 17, 2019

Rachel & Joe | Pittsburgh Engagement Photos | Point State Park

I am so excited to share this proposal that I photographed a few weeks ago! I don’t get the opportunity to capture many proposals, so this was absolutely wonderful. Arshad found me by searching Belle Vernon Engagement Photographers on Google. If that’s not enough to make me jump up and down and say “It’s working! […]


Arshad & Megan | Journey by Grace Proposal | Belle Vernon Engagement Photography

June 14, 2019

Everyone has heard of the show “married at first sight” right? Even if you’ve never watched it, it’s pretty clear what it’s about. A girl goes and gets her hair and makeup done, puts on a beautiful wedding dress, then walks down the aisle to a complete stranger and marries him. They have no idea […]


June 7, 2019

Charlie and Katie | Hartwood Acres Mansion | Engagement Proposal Photos

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