Autumn & Corey | Maternity & Engagement Photos | Mingo Creek Park, Finleyville, PA

Maternity & Engagement Photos at Mingo Creek Park

2017-03-04_0001.jpgCovered bridges, a warm fall evening, a creek with stone islands, and two people madly in love.
2017-03-04_0002.jpgAutumn & Corey. Where to start? I first met Autumn at a church I used to attend. I remember thinking, “Dang. She’s gorgeous. I hope I can take her picture someday.”
2017-03-04_0003.jpgLittle did I know, one day she’d ask me to. 🙂
2017-03-04_0004.jpgShe’d met this guy named Corey, and well, they fell in love. <3
2017-03-04_0005.jpg 2017-03-04_0006.jpgWith a little one on the way, Corey knew he had to pop the question.
2017-03-04_0007.jpg 2017-03-04_0008.jpgHe got down on one knee, and of course, she said yes. 🙂
2017-03-04_0009.jpg 2017-03-04_0010.jpgHow could you say no to a ring like that?
2017-03-04_0011.jpgThey are so incredibly happy together, and I am so glad to see Autumn found someone who loves her so so much.
2017-03-04_0012.jpgSince these photos have been taken, their little girl has come into this world.
2017-03-04_0013.jpgIf you ask me, she looks just like her daddy, but is just as beautiful as her mommy.
2017-03-04_0014.jpgAfter much deliberation, they decided to have an intimate beach wedding with just their family and closest friends.
2017-03-04_0015.jpgIt would be small, and relaxed.
2017-03-04_0016.jpgBut after trying to find hotels and figure out how to get the important people there, it sadly just wasn’t going to happen.
2017-03-04_0017.jpgSo on to plan B! 🙂
2017-03-04_0018.jpgA small intimate wedding in the woods.
2017-03-04_0019.jpgYou’ll have to wait and see just where. But it’s going to be amazing.
2017-03-04_0020.jpgAutumn and Corey, your family is perfect and so is your love for each other.
2017-03-04_0021.jpg 2017-03-04_0022.jpgI hope you never lose sight of the important things in life.
2017-03-04_0023.jpg 2017-03-04_0024.jpgMay your smiles always shine the brightest.
2017-03-04_0025.jpg 2017-03-04_0026.jpgMay you always be reminded of how much you are loved by your creator.
2017-03-04_0027.jpg 2017-03-04_0028.jpgNever give up. Always have hope.
2017-03-04_0029.jpg 2017-03-04_0030.jpgAnd when it seems life has got you down, just hold on to that little girl of yours and remember how you got here, and that God has a plan.
2017-03-04_0031.jpg 2017-03-04_0032.jpgI love you guys and can’t wait to see what’s in store for your future!



Ellen Jalosky


Irwin, PA