Christa & Jason | St. Angela Merici Wedding | Ferrante’s Lakeview Reception

Wedding: St. Angela Merici Catholic Church, White Oak

Reception: Ferrante’s Lakeview, Greensburg

I can’t say enough how thankful I am to have been a part of Christa & Jason’s wedding, and not just because it was a perfect day, but because of what happened afterwards. It is so SO important to hire a great photographer who will capture your precious memories! Because the next thing you know, those moments you had are gone, and you’ll be grasping for anything you can to remember every detail.


Christa & Jason’s wedding was so beautiful and full of much love from their families.


Her dress from McKaysha’s Bridal was absolutely stunning!blue_pearl_old_watch_photo_shoes_jewels

The room was filled with so much excitement and anticipation as Christa prepared to marry the love of her life, Jason!


Her bridesmaids and mom were so full of love as they helped her get ready to walk down the aisle to her future!emotional_mother_of_bride
I just love this moment between the ring bearer and the mother of the groom, prior to the ceremony! He took his job so seriously!

They had tied the wedding bands onto the ring bearers pillow, maybe a little too tight! Jason had to have help getting them off! 🙂CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_12.jpg
And then the moment he’d been waiting for, when he saw his bride for the first time walking down the aisle.grooms_reaction_to_bride
Isn’t she radiant? I love when brides choose to wear the blusher down the aisle!bride_escorted_aisle_father
I can’t say enough how great everyone at St. Angela’s was. The priest was pretty laid back and made everyone laugh quite a few times!catholic_ceremony_priest
This is one of my favorite moments ever! The “hey there husband!” as they recess down the aisle.excited_spouse
I couldn’t get enough of this little guy. Neither could anyone else!CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_21.jpg
Christa had requested this photo with her mother and grandma! It is wonderful to have so many long lasting marriages in a family. It is a moment worth capturing! I also love how ring styles have changed so much over the years!three_generation_wedding_rings_hands
We headed over to White Oak Park for some photos before heading to the reception! It was a beautiful day and look at that beautiful bridal party!blue_white_black_bridal_party
I love these lace covered dresses! They are stunning on these girls!CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_25.jpg
These fans with the flowers were a great idea! But didn’t hold up too well in the end. They fell apart a little bit when we were taking photos.fan_bouquets_flowers_bridesmaids
How about this incredible veil! Christa was absolutely stunning!CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_27.jpg
Christa and Jason were high school sweethearts and were in the Norwin marching band together!laughter_cuddles_smiles
We headed back to the pavilion at Lakeview for a few more photos since the light was so beautiful!CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_33.jpg
For their first dance they danced to an old song by Sam Cooke!lakeview_first_dance
I love when people shop local for rings! GDC Jewelry is right up the road in Irwin, and they are stunning!wedding_bands_rings_diamonds_orange
These two cuties started off the dance floor!CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_45.jpg
Christa shared a dance with her father, which was very sweet.daddy_daughter_dance
And then Jason shared a dance with his mom, and the whole room started crying.mother_son_dance
You see, Jason’s mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The very fact that she was able to attend the wedding was a miracle. But it was absolutely beautiful that she was able to be there for the entire day, and enjoy her son’s wedding.emotions_tears_mother_son_reception_dance
I’ve got to say, all of Christa and Jason’s friends and family rocked the dance floor all night long!CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_50.jpg
Even the grandparents were up and dancing!CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_52.jpg
And the DJ said “Higher! Higher!”CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_56.jpg
Everyone had great fun with this standee which they carried out onto the dance floor!CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_58.jpg
Once dark, we snuck back outside and grabbed a few more photos at the pavilion all lit up with string lights!night_shot_lit_lights_string_gazebo
Then back inside for some more dancing to close out the night!CJ_Irwin_PA_wedding_ferrantes_lakeview_reception_60.jpg
They ended their reception with “Goodnight Sweetheart,” then headed out to their honeymoon!last_dance
It was a beautiful wedding and I’m so glad to have been a part of it!digital_sign

Unfortunately, as life goes on, their honeymoon was cut short when they received a call that Jason’s mom had taken a turn for the worst. They hurried home and got to be with her one last time before she passed away. Christa called me to tell me what had happened, and to ask me if I had any good photos of her from their wedding that she could have to put in the casket at the funeral. She hadn’t seen any of her wedding photos yet as it was only about a week later, but I was able to quickly find about 4 wonderful moments (two of which are in this post) to have printed that she was able to pick up and have.

This is why I do what I do. So in those hard times, you can hold onto your precious memories. So you can laugh and smile, and cherish the good times.
Choosing a wedding photographer is difficult. (trust me I know!) Which is why I strive to capture all your memories (not just portraits) from the day, and make them last forever. <3








Ellen Jalosky


Irwin, PA