Tayler & Brad | Engagement | Scottdale, Pennsylvania

West Overton Village is a wonderful place for any wedding or engagement session.


I’ve been writing and rewriting this post for so long. Tayler & Brad’s love story has had me giddy since the day I heard it, and I’ve been trying to put it into words that would even come close to them telling it themselves.

Their story starts a few months before they even met. It’s a story of trust, the clearly evident hand of God, and taking big steps of faith.




It started one day when a lady came into the pawn shop that Brad owns. She was rich. The kind that drives a lambourghini, lives in a mansion on the outskirts of town, drinking the finest wines and sporting the latest european fashions. Not a care in the world, and not knowing just how rich that is to people like us.

Okay, I made that up. But you get the point.

She was there to pawn a ring. Not just any ring. A ring with a tiffany diamond.



Brad, being the incredibly smart businessman he is, bought the ring off of her. He had it cleaned up and put into a custom designed setting. Then he held onto it because he felt that something amazing was going to happen in the future.




A few months later, some missionaries were in town and Brad opened his house to let them stay there. One of the missionaries friends lived near by. She was a sweet older lady with a wonderful heart for Jesus. She came over for dinner one night, and after getting to know her a little bit, Brad jokingly asked her if she had any hott granddaughters who were single. She chuckled at that and said she’d see what she could do.



Tayler was invited by her grandmother Maria (who she calls nona) to attend a service where these missionaries were speaking. Tayler happily agreed, and there she met Brad for the first time.



You could say the rest is just history. But as their love grew for one another, Brad knew that Tayler was the one for him. So one sunday after church, in front of her family, he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring he had kept for this special occasion, and asked her to marry him. She was so surprised! Never did she expect it would happen so soon. But she too felt in her heart that Brad was the one she’d love and cherish forever.

So she said yes!





When Tayler asked me if I would take their engagement photos, I was so excited! I had not met Brad yet, but knew he had to be a pretty amazing guy to have won over her heart. Sure enough, after I heard this story, I was so in awe of how God brought them together.





Their engagement photos were taken at West Overton Museums in Scottdale! It’s a beautiful historic place. They have events and little shops there, as well as weddings every weekend!




I can’t wait for their wedding tomorrow at Soldiers & Sailors in Pittsburgh!
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Ellen Jalosky


Irwin, PA