Paint Splashes {All About Me}

The day we met, we knew we’d become very good friends. We sat beside each other our very first day of college classes, knowing not what was to come. I, being the fearless risk taker, decided to introduce myself.

“Hi! I’m Ellen.”

“Hello. I’m Sarah.”

“It’s nice to meet you Sarah!”

“Nice to meet you too!”

1X3A8780 copy

“So where did you go to school at?”

“Actually, I was homeschooled…”


And well…the rest is history!

1X3A8777 copy

After spending two years worth of classes, cameras, and creativity together, we graduated with our degrees.

I figured we’d always be friends, but all friends drift apart…right?

1X3A8788 copy

It’s been almost 2 years since we walked across the stage at graduation, receiving our degrees.

I have 2 jobs. Sarah works at 7 Springs.

Our schedules are pretty different.

However, social media is a wonderful thing isn’t it?

We’ve kept in touch. Traveled to see each other. Gone to the movies. Photoshoots.

And most importantly, we have counted calories in packages of nuts in walmart.

1X3A8785 copy

You’d think that means we are health nuts right?


You see, after we counted the calories in all the snack foods in walmart,

we put them back on the shelf

drove to mcdonalds

and bought shamrock shakes

(soooo healthy..right?)

1X3A8747 copy

There is no reason to not live big every once in a while.

And I’ve never heard of a shamrock shake killing anyone. 😉

1X3A8745 copyBecause we currently live 1.5 hrs apart, weekly visits just don’t happen.

Unless of course, one of us has just bought a house, and it needs painted.

1X3A8738 copy1X3A8741 copy

So after we managed to pour the paint into the tray without spilling it all over the carpet

(it happened…)

We turned up the music, coated our rollers in silky cream colored paint, and got to work.

1X3A8733 copy

After many panic moments of “Why does your part of the wall look whiter than mine?”

“Oops! I don’t think I was supposed to paint that! Oh well…it’s getting painted now.”

“AHH. I just sat on the paint lid!!!”

We finished the room.

1X3A8723 copy

1X3A8727 copy

I have only seen pictures of what it looked like before the primer went on.

Think dark wood paneling.

A coat of white paint really changes that.

1X3A8731 copy

And what kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t enjoy the bright sunshine coming into a white room?

It was absolutely gorgeous.

1X3A8719 copy

The floor is waiting to be carpeted.

We were consistently reminded of this when each of us would step on the nail strips lining the floor.

That kinda hurt. But what’s a little danger? lol

1X3A8765 copy

One day, this will be a fantastic bedroom.

With a real bed that isn’t a mattress..

And a desk for that fantastic computer.

1X3A8771 copy

But for now, it works. 🙂

And it really describes Sarah perfectly.

The axe for women, the imac, a few cheesy romance movies, water, comfort, and beauty.

I can’t wait for our next get together, when there will be carpet!

It’s the little things. 🙂


Ellen Jalosky


Irwin, PA