Donna & Chris | Station Square Engagement Photos | Pittsburgh PA


It’s beginning to look a lot like winter outside! With these two getting married in a couple of weeks, I figured it was the right time to share their winter engagement session! We had to cancel our first couple of attempts at photos due to terrible weather and sickness, but we finally had a great day! The snow was still around, but not many people were. We decided to do their engagement photos in Pittsburgh around Station Square!


And now for their story:
Chris wasn’t sure what to think. There was this quiet girl who was on the same shuttle bus that took them to work every day. She didn’t laugh at the jokes he made, but instead remained quiet and reserved. Thinking a lot of himself, he decided that it it was her who was the problem. He decided that she was a stuck up jerk, and dismissed her without even having a conversation.

Weeks passed, and they were put on the same work team. Chris just rolled his eyes when he found out she was his partner, but after one day of work together, he quickly changed his mind. Donna was sweet, caring, and an all around nice person. She actually did find him to be a funny guy. They became close in the couple months they worked together. However, their jobs are only temporary before they move on and get placed elsewhere, often in other states. When it was time to head back to their homes for the holiday season, they decided they wanted to stay friends. After a few weeks apart, and a couple of trips to visit each other, they realized they were much more than friends.Donna_Chris_Station_Square_Engagement_Photographer_Pittsburgh_10.jpg
Donna_Chris_Station_Square_Engagement_Photographer_Pittsburgh_11.jpgLike they knew would happen, their jobs took them to other states for months at a time, but they always ended up back together. If their relationship could survive that, it could surely survive anything! Chris decided it was time to ask her to be his forever. He came up with a great plan. They were going to go away for a few days to Oglebay to see the Winter Festival of Lights! He had picked out a ring and they gave him a guarantee that it would be available for pickup two days before they left. It was perfect. Everything was coming together so well, and she didn’t suspect a thing…Donna_Chris_Station_Square_Engagement_Photographer_Pittsburgh_12.jpg
…until the day Chris went to pick it up! He arrived to find out that their shipment had not yet arrived, but should be their shortly. He waited and waited, and finally went back to ask the ring had arrived yet, but it was still no. At that point, it was getting late, and he had to get home. The company promised him it would be there for sure the next day. However, the next day came around, and still no ring! They were leaving the next day and wouldn’t have time to pick it up. Chris wasn’t sure what he was going to do now. Donna_Chris_Station_Square_Engagement_Photographer_Pittsburgh_14.jpg
They packed up their bags and left for a weekend away. On their way, he got a phone call that it had arrived and he could (finally) come pick it up. But they couldn’t turn back now! Wanting it to still be a surprise, Chris called his brother and asked him to pick up the ring and drive it up to them at the resort. Thankfully, his brother was kind enough to do so. However, Donna was beginning to suspect that something was happening with all the phone calls that were taking place! His brother arrived later that evening, and he snuck out to get the ring. Unfortunately, the location he was planning on proposing at was already closing for the night. He had to switch up plans, and fast! He took her up to a balcony which overlooked a field full of lights. There, he got down on one knee, and asked Donna to marry him. Afterwards, they laughed together in disbelief over what had happened! It may not have started well, but their weekend ended with so much love and joy.Donna_Chris_Station_Square_Engagement_Photographer_Pittsburgh_16.jpg
Donna and Chris are having a December wedding at Chestnut Ridge! I am so excited to photograph their wedding! I met Donna in college! We were both going for photography, and she was amazing with photoshop. I was so excited when she asked me to be her wedding photographer! It’s going to be an amazing day! I am hoping for some snow!Donna_Chris_Station_Square_Engagement_Photographer_Pittsburgh_19.jpg


Ellen Jalosky


Irwin, PA