50th Anniversary Celebration – Rizzo’s Malabar Inn – Crabtree, PA

50th Anniversary Rizzo's Crabtree

Pam & Robert’s 50th anniversary celebration was absolutely delightful and not what you’d think! You see, Pam and Robert planned their own party from start to finish. They wanted it to be a special time for their family and friends who have been there for them through their marriage. In fact, Pam told me this party was less about them celebrating 50 years and more to show their appreciation for all of their guests and how much they mean to them. It was beautiful!

They gathered with all of their friends and family at Rizzo’s Malabar Inn in Crabtree, PA. Rizzo’s is the perfect location for events and weddings. They have multiple banquet rooms for different size events. They have delicious food, and a beautiful open outdoor area with a lantern lit walkway. They also have an area where you could have a ceremony outdoors. It’s perfect for photos!

So before the party started, I grabbed some photos of their decor. Perhaps one of the best pieces was the star map that someone had made of the position of the stars on the night they got married. They also had some delicious cakes that their guests just loved!

Pam wanted to keep everything very simple and focused on the guests so she kept it simple with a few gorgeous bouquets placed around the room.

After I photographed the room, I went outside to capture some photos of just Pam and Robert before their guests began to arrive. Like I said before, Rizzo’s has some very beautiful spots for photos! It was a cloudy day with a nice cool breeze as Pam and Robert remembered their wedding day 50 years before.

Their family started to arrive shortly after. Pam and Robert have three sons, and each of them is married with children! It was wonderful to meet their children and grandchildren and take some beautiful family portraits for them! And what a better time than when everyone is already dressed up to come to a party!

As their guests began to arrive, everyone went inside to say hello to friends and family; some of whom they had not seen in many years! They even had some surprised guests who they didn’t think were coming! What wonderful reunions were had that day.

Congratulations, Pam & Robert! It was a pleasure to celebrate 50 years with you and your guests!

Rizzo's Malabar Inn
Rizzo's Malabar Inn Event
Rizzo's Anniversary Party
Extended Family Photos Crabtree, PA
50th Anniversary Celebration

This little guy wanted to dive right into the cake. I couldn’t help but laugh when his mama grabbed his arm and said “No way kid!” LOL

Rizzo's Malabar Inn Banquet

Pam created a slideshow of photos from their 50 years of life together. It was the highlight of the party! Everyone loved seeing photos of them as a young couple, raising their kids, and growing old together. Especially their grandkids! What a precious memory they have to hold on to.

Venue: Rizzo’s Malabar Inn – Crabtree, PA

Photographer: Ellen Jalosky Photography


Ellen Jalosky


White Oak, PA