How did I become a photographer?
Great question.
My great grandfather was a film photographer and my childhood bedroom was where his darkroom previously was.
His developing chemicals seeped into my veins while I slept and BAM!
I became a photographer!
You could say I'm like spiderman or the hulk. But who am I?
I'm Ellen Jalosky.

Hi! I'm Ellen!

I've been married to Jonathan since 2017 and we have three beautiful girls here on earth, and 3 in heaven that we lost too soon.

Each day is a new adventure as we raise our family and live our lives for the glory of God.

My Family

I started this business in 2010 and have had the privilege of capturing hundreds of couples and families ever since!
While I live in White Oak, PA, I take on sessions all around the Pittsburgh area and occasionally at Deep Creek Lake in MD.

My Business



Growing Families

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The Abbey Family

"Ellen is the ONLY photographer I will ever trust to take my family photos! She is kind, patient, and gives great direction. She is quick to respond to messages and always has great advice for choosing outfit combinations."

The Vargos

"Ellen is so intentional & takes her time with each session. She isn’t there to rush through to make the most amount of profit for her time. You will never feel rushed or slighted when working with Ellen."

The Barczys

"Ellen is an amazing photographer! She is easy to work with and helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera which made our engagement session & wedding so much fun! We highly recommend Ellen!"

The Davis Family

"Ellen was very kind and empathetic when we needed to reschedule our original session date due to a family situation. She was so good with my children and really brought them out of their shell! Her photos are the most beautiful photos we've ever had."

I left social media!

And my life is infinitely better because of it!

In May of 2024, I officially hit the "goodbye forever" button on my facebook and instagram accounts. After spending 15 years of my life trying to keep up with the algorithm, and people in my life who I may or may not see, I decided it was time to be done. There are many reasons that have led me to this decision.
- I've wasted so much time. Not just in general with the mindless scroll, but in fighting the algorithm to be seen!
- Social media just isn't a safe place. It never has been, but it's gotten intensely worse the last few years.
- I want to protect my kids & yours too! By leaving social media, your photos are no longer being seen by anyone and everyone who may find my account. If you choose to share on your own social media accounts, and that's totally fine, then at least it is your photos being shared with just your friends & family, and no longer the whole world!
Those are just a few of the many reasons I left. But the way that my life has already changed for the better since then, is incredible! 

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