Ohiopyle Winter Photos | Our Family Hiking Trip


I thought yesterday was Tuesday. That’s about how great my days have been going.

Things have been pretty chaotic around here, and truth is, I haven’t sat down at my computer to do really important things let alone think about another blog post! Hopefully these crazy days are coming to and end.

Have you ever been to Ohiopyle in the winter? A few years back, some friends of mine and I went to explore the area after a snowfall. It was and still is one of my favorite memories. The icicles coming off of the falls were twice the size of us. We had a snowball fight at the base of the falls and no one else was around. It was so much fun that I knew one day I had to go back in the winter!

Jonathan and I love going on adventures on the weekends. We can be pretty spontaneous, especially if whatever we’re doing is free! Ohiopyle has this gorgeous visitors center/museum that we visited for the first time in the fall before we were married. Be aware that it closes pretty early though, so if you aren’t able to make it there until the afternoon, it will likely be closed for the day. It had just closed for the day when we arrived this particular visit.

Jonathan loves to tell the story of the great view I brought him to for his birthday the year we got engaged. I hyped it all up. It was this beautiful overlook I had found, just up the road from the falls, and in the autumn it was supposed to be one of the most gorgeous views around. We drove around, finally found it, hiked to the spot, and all we could see was FOG. The thickest, most dense fog ever! In fact, we weren’t even certain how far out you’d even be able to see if it hadn’t been there. It was a let down that we will laugh about forever! So we knew we had to go back.

While there weren’t any leaves on the trees, we got a second chance to see what we were missing! It did not disappoint! It would’ve been so gorgeous in the fall and maybe this year we will be able to try again!

So anyways, we dressed warm and headed out in January for a day trip with Alethea. She loved being in her carrier all warm and cozy on daddy’s back. I got her little hat and gloves at target. They worked out perfectly all winter!

In addition to the beautiful overlook, we also hiked down to cucumber falls, and the main falls area. Spending time in the fresh air in the middle of winter is the best idea. It really helps with the cabin fever in the longest month of the year!

Enjoy these moments from our little trip. At the end, you’ll see some photos of Jonathan’s home made deep dish pizza which I am dying to have right now! Just a few more weeks until I can be done with this dreaded gestational diabetes diet!



Ellen Jalosky


Irwin, PA