Being A Bridesmaid | Part 1

As part of the female population, I can’t deny that I haven’t planned and replanned my dream wedding in my head repeatedly. Shades of pink and shimmering gold..strings of lights over an outdoor patio full of dancers…and of course having one of the greatest photographers in the world there to capture it all.

I met Rebecca on my second day of college. She was the shy and reserved one who sat all the way against the wall on the other side of the room, with a very conservative wardrobe. I never really thought that I’d make friends as quickly as I did the first two days. But she seemed nice. Turned out she was homeschooled too. That was one thing we had in common right? And our major of photography was the second.


I can remember one specific time when we talked about what we wanted for our weddings. She had these drawings in a sketchbook and a whole bunch of notes. I was never that prepared! In fact, it kind of put me in a bit of a panic…geez. I should be planning these things now so I know what I want! But she was absolutely sure that her bridesmaids dresses would be short and lavender.


I secretly hoped I would get to be a part of her wedding one day, and wear one of those dresses.
When she and Mike got engaged (4 years after that conversation), I was excited. She was finally going to have her dreams come true. 🙂
And while she and I were texting back and forth about all the details and things she needed to make sure she accomplished in the next six months, I casually slipped in a question about the bridal party, to which she responded “Mike and I are going to discuss that later.”


I waited a few days before I asked her again. Not wanting to seem obsessive, (even though..I totally was) She said they still were discussing it.
Looking back at this now, it’s funny. But at the time, I was a little upset when she wouldn’t tell me. And then one day, she asked me if I was going to buy a pretty dress for her wedding like I did for our friend Courtney’s. I immediately was sad that I wasn’t going to be in her wedding, and when I expressed my disappointment (knowing full well that choosing bridesmaids is one of the hardest things a girl will have to do in life) she said “No silly! That was me asking you to be my bridesmaid!”


Needless to say, I much prefer direct communication and no beating around the bush. haha…but I was happy.



I never realized though how much responsibility a bridesmaid actually has though! The only other wedding I’ve been in was my sister’s back in 2010. But planning is one of my favorite things about weddings! I love helping each bride and groom that hires me, not only for photography, but in advice for decorations and recommendations for other vendors who I know can throw a gorgeous wedding.


When the time came, our original plans for the bachelorette party was to bake all the cupcakes for the wedding, and then have a little fun.
But the day of the party came, and Rebecca found out her sister had so graciously offered to buy her a wedding cake! So that morning, we changed plans and decided to go on a bridal scavenger hunt around greensburg!




We had breakfast and coffee at the White Rabbit first thing, then walked around trying to cross off items on the list!








We found a few things, and talked to some great people before heading to lunch at the Cellar Door Creperie.



I have so many friends now in the photography world, so when we walked past Fineline Weddings and ran in to see if someone could take our picture real quick, Lori of course agreed and grabbed these great shots of us! THANK YOU LORI!! 🙂




The last time I walked around greensburg, I knew there was this little place between two buildings that had benches and a courtyard kind of appearance. When we got there, they had a “Before I Die…” wall full of people’s scribbles with items on their bucket list. Of course we couldn’t resist having Rebecca write what she wanted to do. 🙂




This is the only time I have ever handed my camera to a complete stranger. I can say with confidence that I will never do it again. It was too nerve wracking! But the photo turned out alright.


After that, we headed over to the college. WCCC holds so many memories for us. It’s not only the place that Rebecca and I met, it’s also the place we met Mike!



They had the art students photos hung on the walls like a gallery! This was always one of my favorite parts of the school year. I loved walking around and looking at everyone’s artwork!




One of my photos is still hanging on the wall in the photography wing!


We stopped in to see one of our favorite profs, but he had just left. So we left him a note.


Then of course, we went right back to the place where we met Mike.
He was sitting in this chair right by the window “studying.”
I put that in quotations because what he was actually doing, was listening to us have a discussion about the Bible!
Being the outgoing, and opinionated guy he is, he decided to interupt us with shouting across the room to the 4 girls in the “comfy” chairs, “Do you want to hear what I think??”
He became one of our best friends after that and well…the rest is history. 🙂




Ellen Jalosky


Irwin, PA